Knot Flexi-Tie
the flexible garden tie that   expands
as the plant grows

You can buy Flexi-Tie online at Telegraph Gardening and Waitrose

For customers in the USA it is now available from Detroit Garden Works

Sarah Raven using Flexi-Tie

Let FLEXI-TIE support your plants and

allow the new shoots to grow safely

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ways to use Flexi-Tie


The GENUINE Flexi-Tie by Gardening Goods



The Kind Way to Tie Your Plants!

        ‘It seems that brown stretchy reusable garden string has many devoted fans. 
         It is, they say, virtually invisible and brilliant for tying up shrubs, roses 
         and practically anything without damaging their stems (May 2004)

         'the brown stretchy string that is so good for tying in roses.  
         Gardeners seem to love this stuff, and it is turning up in all sorts of 
         other places. (March 2005)

         Readers’ letters ‘Kathy Sharp from Portland in Dorset is trying to stop her husband 
         using bits of lurid green fising net that he finds on the beach
         for tying up the wind-battered roses in their coastal garden……
         Brown, stretchy, reusable Flexi-tie may be the answer…’(May 2006)

         'Roses: 10 things I know
         Never thread a rose through a trellis as both rose and trellis will suffer.  
         Tie it on instead, using soft and stretchy Flexi-Tie.(June 2008)

(Helen Yemm ‘Thorny Problems’ Telegraph Gardening section)

         Winner of Gold Medal at 2006 Chelsea Flower Show - Caspar Gabb’s trade secrets: 
         Which tools could you never be without ?  ‘………Flexi-Tie …….’

         ‘The only acceptable ‘plastic string’ I have come across is 
         a brown tubular product called Flexi-Tie….(it) is efficient,
         discret and kind to stems’

(Stephen Anderton - The Times)

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