Knot Flexi-Tie
the flexible garden tie that   expands
as the plant grows

You can buy Flexi-Tie online at Telegraph Gardening and Waitrose

For customers in the USA it is now available from Detroit Garden Works

Now available online and from stockists around the country  GREEN FLEXI-TIE®      which blends against the plant


Original brown against
       the stem Roll lengths

As little as 11p per metre and reuseable

Considerably cheaper than other soft ties and with no wire centre to damage the delicate stems.

Let FLEXI-TIE support your plants and

allow the new shoots to grow safely

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and see the many
ways to use Flexi-Tie


The GENUINE Flexi-Tie by Gardening Goods



The Kind Way to Tie Your Plants!

Buy Flexi-Tie by Mail Order- click name to contact

The Essentials Company 01953 797 227
David Austin Roses 0800 111 4699
Real Flowers 01730 818 300
Harrod Horticultural 0333 400 1500
Wells and Winter 01626 821 044
Royal Horticultural Society 01344 578 822  
Labels 'n' Things 01527 557 990
Sarah Raven's Cutting Garden 0345 092 0283
Derry Watkins Special Plants 01225 891 686
Crocus.co.uk 01344 578 000  
Waitrose Gardening 01344 578 800  
eBay (Flexi-Tie) seller: Mather69        (all sizes)
For orders in the USA
Detroit Garden Works

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