Knot Flexi-Tie
the flexible garden tie that   expands
as the plant grows

You can buy Flexi-Tie online at Telegraph Gardening and Waitrose

For customers in the USA it is now available from Detroit Garden Works

Sarah Raven using Flexi-Tie

Despite some misleading information you may have heard

FLEXI-TIE is still available from a wide selction of garden centres and online

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The GENUINE Flexi-Tie by Gardening Goods



The Kind Way to Tie Your Plants!

         ‘A clever flexi-tie that will keep your saplings and plants
         upright but does not cut into them’

(CLA Magazine)

         ‘Inconspicuous and versatile, Flexi-Tie is a new ‘string’ that stretches 
         as the plant grows. Strong and non-slip, it holds a knot well and is ideal
         for all plants’

(Gardens Illustrated)

          ‘Garden Twine gets Flexible…..Flexi-Tie is a flexible, hollow plastic ‘string’
          that is perfect for tying up all manner of shrubs…and is unlikely to damage bark’

(Geoff Stebbings NFU Countrywide)

           ‘….it expands as the plant grows preventing damage or chafing to any 
           tender branches or stems-its muddy colour ensures that it is inconspicuous’

(House and Gardens)

           ‘Your Flexible Friend’- ‘Flexi-Tie is a stretchy plastic string that 
           does not chafe your plants and stretches up to three times its original 
           length…..once you’ve tried it you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it’

(Hilliers Newsletter)

           ‘Flexi-Tie is a soft, very flexible pvc tube that stretches as plants grow,
            so doesn’t cut into their stalks.  
            Perfect for horticultural use…..

Jean Vernon's 'Best Buy' Daily Telegraph

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Flexi-Tie is a registered Trademark